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Year Of The Lakers & Dodgers. Can 2021 Be The Year Of The Rams? Yes.

by Titan Universe
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Going into the 2020 NFL regular season, everyone was hyping up the Tampa Bay Bucaneers.

Who couldn’t after signing some random quarterback with 5 Super Bowl championships in Tom Brady?

The former league MVP is surrounded by an elite receiving core and well stacked running back core along with a young defense mixed with veterans to back them up.

As everyone has hyped them up, the Rams came out of the gate with a huge statement. They won their first 4 out of 5 games.

As they sit 6-3 in a three-way tie, let’s take a look at how they have came as a whole to being Super Bowl contenders once again.

On the offensive side of the ball, Jared Goff averages for 7.6 yards a completion. That allows his offense to not work so much for a new first down consistently.

Goff sits in the top 10 for passing yards as he has thrown for 2,447 passing yards with 13 touchdowns. Through nine games, he has only thrown for 6 interceptions.

Considering he has a less substantial amount of attempted completions compared to other quarterbacks, Goff has a decent 66.4% completion rate.

Goff is also well protected by his offensive lineman being sacked only 13 times thus far this season.

Talking about the offensive lineman, they also got a huge responsibility to keep pushing down the field with the runnning game.

The Rams have the advantage of a versatile running back core led by Darrell Henderson Jr. who leads the way with 486 rushing yards on 102 attempts.

Along with Malcom Brown and rookie Cam Akers, the Rams average 4.2 yards per rushing attempt. Slowly eating up yards tires the defense and can open the opportunity for a long run or a deep throw into the end zone.

On the other side of the ball, the Rams defense have played terrific.

In the week 10 win against the Seattle Seahawks, defensive tackle Aaron Donald was being double teamed but still moving his opponents up the middle which caused Seahawks quarterback to run out ofthe pocket which allowed the Rams to sack Russell Wilson six times.

The defense doesn’t have to rely on Donald to do all the work. They also sit at no. 10 in the league with 633 tackles led by linebacker Micah Kizer.

On average, the defense only allows 199.6 passing yards and 96.7 rushing yards a game.

The opposing offenses have had a hard time scoing as they have averaged 18.6 points.

A team cannot simply just beat a Rams team who have scored at least 20 points or more in the seven out of nine games they have played.

I think the team came together as a whole once again in the victory over the Seahawks and if they continue playing like this, the only teams that can possibly stop them are the New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or themselves.

Who’s next for the Rams?

They travel to Tampa Bay to go at it with that one random quarterback with five rings, Tom Brady.

The game will be played on Monday Night Football on ESPN at 5 pm PST.

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