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Remember that shiny, pretty, brand new computer that you thought you’d love and cherish forever? Well I bet it’s not looking so amazing now that you’ve probably had to work or take classes from home. Well these computer softwares might bring some excitement to your screen again. It might be fun to learn a whole new skill or hobby and add some creativity to your life again. These softwares are free or inexpensive and are created for everyone to use, so don’t be afraid. Intimidation might occur, however, there are so many friendly and easy tutorials to watch that might bring ease. 

Maybe you have a lot on your mind about a specific topic or about everything and a podcast sounds like a perfect way for you to express yourself. Well, “Audacity” is a free audio recording and editing software that is perfect for your first podcast. 

“Blender” is a free animating software. There are so many free tutorials that make the process of designing your own 3D characters very simple! The doodles in your notebook can finally come to life and be given a fresh polish. 

Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription to all of Adobe’s software’s (it’s more than 20). For students and teachers it is a lower cost of $19.99/month and for all others it is $39.99/month. Its most popular software is Premier Pro. An editing software that can make all of the videos you’ve taken when out with friends and family a fun compressed video to share with others. You can also edit your pictures with Lightroom or Photoshop. Or try a bit of graphic design for your friends new business with InDesign. 

So many applications that can make spending time on your computer exciting again. It’s time to get creative and even add skills to the way you make TikTok’s. 

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