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What is #TitansGive?

by madisonmeehan
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3/9/21 – 24 hours – 1 day

Titan’s Give is a one-day fundraising event for the organizations of Cal State Fullerton. Titan Universe is under the umbrella of Titan Communications, one of the groups participating in #TitansGive.

Titan Communications is Cal State Fullerton’s digital media center, which provides students a living-learning classroom and an opportunity to work and learn about television and radio broadcast management in a professional hands-on environment. We offer students an environment that supports academic achievement with opportunities to work on television and radio programs and learn the broad range of skills necessary to succeed in a broadcast career.

Since media production for communications is one of the most expensive art forms, it requires expensive tools and technology and experts to maintain and run the infrastructure for quality content productions and afford those high impact learning opportunities. Donations today will support:

  • Providing students access to competitions and networking opportunities that are essential to developing their skills and furthering their career
  • Updating and maintaining some of the existing servers and equipment
  • Purchasing additional media storage
  • Providing close captioning to meet the ADA requirements
  • Maintaining warranties and on-going service plans
  • Purchasing specific equipment such as productions related services, copyright materials, cloud services for web, and accessories, new television sets, travel and catering costs for major production events

With your donations on March 9th, you will fund students’ opportunities to create original content, develop expertise through hands-on experiences, build portfolios, gain work experience and history, learn leadership and collaboration skills. Because of you, our Titans become well prepared for a very competitive field and are ready to excel in their future careers!

We will see you on March 9th!

Click HERE to Donate or become an Ambassador of Titan Communications!

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