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A Spotify Playlist for Every Mood

by Titan Universe
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Someone once said, “each memory has a soundtrack of its own.” I believe that music is a language that our souls understand. It’s a universal one too. Music is played everywhere. Whether it’s at a party, a graduation, a wedding, a funeral, or in church, music is what we always come back to. Music has the ability to take our unspoken words and feelings and do the job for us. “When words fail, music speaks.”

It’s a special gift when someone can perfectly capture a feeling or a moment with a playlist. A collection of songs that remind you of that.

One of my favorite hobbies includes finding playlists with obscure names.

Here are some of my favorites:

Taking it back to the early days.

This one takes me back to my childhood. I was a Disney Channel kid growing up. Coming home from school on Friday’s to kick off the weekend with a new Disney Channel Original Movie was a total #mood. These songs are from some of my favorite DCOM’s.

For all my main characters.

We’re all the main characters in our story and we deserve to claim that. This playlist includes Ariana Grande, Rex Orange County, Coldplay, Van Morrison, etc. Feeling down? Not anymore. Hit play, get in the car, put the windows down and jam!

This was a must for me.

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t sit around and daydream about how I must’ve lived in a castle in a past life. I get it not everyone thinks like me but whether you want to live out your own royal core daydream or you need a great playlist to boost productivity, this is the one. Hint: don’t knock it till you try it. In the meantime, I’ll keep daydreaming.

For heartbreak.

While I’m a sucker for a good love song, sad songs just do it for me in a different way. We can all use a good cry here and there. This playlist is short but it packs a punch. If you’ve never listened to Sasha Sloan’s, “Dancing With Your Ghost”…you’re welcome (not) it’s a tear-jerker.

For the lovers.

Every heartbreak needs a beginning. These are the songs that will make you want to fall in love. If you’re not in love (I’m calling myself out) this will make you feel pretty close to it. All I have to say is “Us” by James Bay is included in here and that in itself makes me feel in love.


I’ll stick to my argument: sometimes we need a good cry. This playlist features Lennon Stella, FINNEAS, Miley Cyrus, and Clairo. It perfectly sums up how it feels to fall for someone great at the wrong time.

Shoutout to the awesome creators of these playlists. They have a true gift which is to create a soundtrack that reminds you of a moment/feeling. I hope you enjoy! If you want a part two, let me know on IG @stephaniejadem – I have enough playlists for 100 more of these.

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