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Apple iOS 15 iPhone Updates

by madisonmeehan
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Apple iPhone IOS 15 updates were revealed at the recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Here are the announced updates for iPhone:

Apple Wallet

  • They’ve added payment cards to make payments safer and more secure
  • They have added transit cards to help make public transportation easy
  • Walt Disney World also allowed their passes to be easily accessed in the Apple wallet
  • They are improving the function that lets you add car keys by using Ultra-wide support, which extends the range your phone needs to be at to unlock or start your car
  • They are working on expanding what types of keys you can use. You can open some houses, your work security badge to get into your building or office, and hotel keys (with Hyatt hotels)
  • Identity cards- Apple will have you scan your ID, and it will be added to your Apple Wallet

Weather App

  • New design which features data and layout changes. Unique graphics that help you better understand conditions, as well as a background that changes with the weather
  • Full-screen weather maps will be added

Apple Maps

Apple 2021
  • Expanding the use of the new 3D maps to Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Australia
  • Higher levels of detail for stores, commercial districts, marinas, and more
  • Added elevation, new road colors, and custom landmark designs
  • Further road details in driving mode, including sidewalks, driveways, bike lanes, and more
  • Improvements for transit riders, you can track things on Apple watch, and it will tell you when to get off at the right stop
  • Includes some augmented reality for walking directions (limited to certain cities)


Apple 2021
  • New 3D audio
  • Portrait mode that will blur your background
  • You can use FaceTime with non-Apple users with Windows and Android
  • New “Share Play” allows you to share your screen to play videos and even share music


Apple 2021
  • New feature that turns messaged photos into galleries
  • There is a spot called “Shared with You,” which will feature links sent between you and the people you message
  • If you have Do Not Disturb on, you can have an automatic message sent to people who message you
  • Focus mode, which will hide any notifications you choose


Apple 2021
  • A feature called Live Text that can automatically identify and scan text in photographs
  • Apple can now identify locations in photos

I’m excited about these big changes, are you? Let us know in the comments below!

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