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10 Times Simu Liu Broke the Internet with his Tweets

by madisonmeehan
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Marvel’s Shang-Chi was recently released in theaters, and if you haven’t seen it- run to a theater. Just in its opening weekend, it made $94 million. Simu Liu did an amazing job with his portrayal (and he’s also extremely attractive!!), here are 10 times he broke the internet with his Twitter.

  1. That time he partook in the Fast and Furious’ Dom Torretto “family is everything” trend:

2. When he made a meme out of himself:

3. That time he made Marvel’s Loki character Mobius envious:

4. …And then posted about it a second time for good measure:

5. When he was disappointed in Americans’ lack of common knowledge:

6. When he switched universes for the day and hung out with his on-screen sister:

7. That day he was so eager that he purchased a bunch of his own movie merchandise:

8. When he combined our love of Marvel and Star Wars:

9. That time he supported fellow Marvel member and new Captain America, Anthony Mackie:

10. And finally when he called out the haters with one of his own stock photos:

Have any more? Leave a comment down below!

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