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Ranking the Eternals From My Least Favorite to Most Favorite (and Why!)

by madisonmeehan
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I watched Marvel’s Eternals this past weekend and here is my SPOILER- filled ranking of all of the Eternals and why.

10. Sprite

In dead last we have Sprite. Let’s just say when Druig knocked her out the entire theater (including myself) applauded. She betrayed the friend that she’d been living with for the last 500 years! I can understand her pain about not being able to grow up like the rest of them, but that anger was misplaced.

9. Ajak

Listen, I really wanted to like Ajak. I love Selma Hayek and Ajak is the leader of these heroes, but her lack of screentime combined with the fact that she knew for thousands of years that they were grooming Earth for the birth of a Celestial puts her towards the bottom of the list. I also thought her power was kinda lame, she could barely fight and was only able to heal people.

8. Phastos

I 100% love the natural inclusion of a gay character and the fact that his whole personality wasn’t centered around him being gay. I don’t have any issues with his character for the most part, but I did think it was a little weird that at first he didn’t even want to try to fight for Earth. His husband and kid live on this planet but instead of going to fight for them like a hero he just wanted to sit and spread the rest of their days together. I loved his inventions and thought it was amazing to include a technologically advanced character. (Also remember that he was the cause of Hiroshima!! *red flag*)

7. Thena

Thena for me was pretty neutral. I liked the character and I thought that it added a nice element to have her have Mahd W’yry. And they even validated her by having it be past memories, almost like her trying to warn the other Eternals. I wish we had some more about her in the movie, but I assume she’ll be a bigger part in future projects.

6. Sersi

The only reason Sersi is this high is because she saved humanity. I thought her powers were a little weak, especially during the scene where they came to find Druig and had to fight the Deviants. I don’t understand why the other Eternals put so much faith in her, other than the fact that Ajak chose her as a replacement. I love Gemma Chan so I don’t blame her, but I thought the character was a little bland.

5. Ikaris

I really liked the plot twist of Ikaris knowing about the Emergence before everyone else. I thought he was a good “villain,” especially since there wasn’t necessarily a clear antagonist. Every single person who could be considered a villain had understandable reasons for doing what they did, including him. I found it a little cheesy that he was stopped by the “power of love” but it wasn’t done in a cringey way. Overall even though he was bad, I still really enjoyed his character and watching him fight.

4. Kingo

You gotta love the comic relief character. I honestly should pair Kingo with Karun, because this duo was hilarious! I also thought that Kingo’s powers are better than they appeared to be initially. He ended up being a strong character with a good story.

3. Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh is best friend goals. This man dedicated his life to helping his friend (possibly the woman he loves??) so that she could keep her memories. The story wouldn’t be the same without the Thena/Gilgamesh duo. He even sacrificed himself to save her, it was great to see the bond that formed after half a millennia together. He was also mad strong and every time he punched something I got excited.

2. Druig

My Bucky and Loki stans are drooling over this man right here. Druig was kind of a cocky asshole, but he was a lovable asshole. He was crazy powerful, and there were even some scenes where he used physical strength instead of just his mental powers. I think I may be biased because I have a crush on him, but I still think he was a good character who cared and wanted to stop the violence. And when it came down to it he’s willing to fight for what he believes in.

  1. Mikkari

MIKKARI SUPREMACY! She is a top-tier character, and my only grievance is that she needed more screentime. She stole the show with what she did have, her powers were so cool and Chloe Zhao depicted them amazingly. One of the most entertaining scenes was her fighting Ikaris, and one of the most impactful was her screaming after Druig was shot down. The acting was just as good as the character was, definitely one of my favorite on-screen speedsters!

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