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Liam’s Picks of the Week | “Laurel Hell”

by Liam Conway
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One album that I listen to for my main-character complex is Mitski’s “Laurel Hell.” She is able to make me feel sad and happy at the same time, which is typically how I feel on a day-to-day basis. The whole album is talking about a real feeling of love. From love fading and being toxic, to a love that you would appreciate that was there. The whole album has a melancholy feel but has certain beats to make you feel like it is a happy time. People probably felt that way about her main hit song, “Nobody,” but this song focuses more on being fully alone, while this most recent album shows the ups and downs of a relationship.

One of my favorite songs would have to be “The Only Heartbreaker.” It is the perfect mixture of a sad story but still has a positive feel and message, in a way. Mitski saying that she will be the only heartbreaker (like the name of the song, get it?) because who she is with is doing so much and being perfect. She feels like she is the only one making mistakes and does not deserving of this love. Maybe that’s how guys feel about me and it’s the reason they stop talking to me, right?

The Only Heartbreaker. Give it a listen!

The closing song on this album is probably my favorite. “That’s Our Lamp” fully exemplifies the feeling of a relationship ending and realizing the love isn’t the same anymore. However, the song is so catchy and kind of makes you want to dance. It feels like a song you would play on repeat when you realize that someone doesn’t care about you anymore and you have to recognize that you’re going to be ok and have to move on and take it as a positive, or something like that. I don’t know, just a hypothetical, tooootally not something I felt. 

That’s Our Lamp

So, if you are looking for an amazing album to make you cry about your love life while doing a little dancey-dance, “Laurel Hell” is for you.

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