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Top 5 Sports Moments of the Past Decade

by Titan Universe
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These are unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world on hold, something most people have never seen before. With everything canceled or on hold, one thing that has been postponed is live sporting events. In a time that is usually filled with plenty of action, is now filled with past sports moments that are replaying on ESPN and other news outlets. With no live sports on, I’m gonna take a look back at my top 5 sports moments of the decade. 

2013- The Iron Bowl, one of the most looked forward to college football games of the year between Alabama and Auburn. Alabama came into the game as the number 1 team in the country with Auburn at number 4 but when these two teams meet, the record books don’t matter. Alabama looked to have this game locked up but a late score by Auburn would tie the game up with just over 30 seconds left. But The Crimson Tide would move quickly down field and get into field goal range. With just one second left Nick Saban would choose to attempt the 57 yard field goal for the win. The decision would change Iron Bowl history forever as the kick would be short and Auburn’s Chris Davis would return the kick all the way for the win. Jordan Hare stadium would soon be filled with students as the upset and improbable victory was complete. And the Iconic call from Auburn’s radio announcer “ AUBURN’S GONNA WIN THE FOOTBALL GAME” will be remembered forever. 

2016- The Golden State Warriors would finish off one of the best regular seasons ever with a 73-9 record. They would make it to the finals and face a Lebron James led Cavs team for a second straight year. After jumping out to  3-1 series lead the Warriors looked like a lock to win it all again but James had other plans. The Cavs would complete one of the best comebacks ever and win the NBA title. Lebron James postgame would say “CLEVELAND THIS IS FOR YOU” as he fulfilled his promise of bringing a title back home to Cleveland. This would be the first title going back to Cleveland since 1964.

2016- 3-1 leads weren’t good for all Cleveland teams in 2016. The Chicago Cubs, the team cursed by “Steve Bartman” and the 108 year Title drought faced off against a young and hungry Cleveland Indians team. Cleveland was looking for the second title of the year after the Cavs had beat the Warriors just months before. The Indians would jump out to a 3-1 series lead and with home field advantage, it looked like the Cubs drought would continue. After taking games 5 and 6, we would get the 2 best words in all of sports. Game 7. With a 6-4 lead in the bottom of the 8th inning, the fans watching the game from Wrigleyville could feel a championship. Rajai Davis who was 3-20 in the series would come up with 2 outs and have to face flamethrower Arolidis Chapman, after fouling off countless pitches, choking up on the bat Davis would drive a ball to left for a homerun and tie the game up and send Cleveland into a frenzy. But after a rain delay in the 10th inning the Cubs would prevail and capture that elusive World Series Title. The drought was over. The curse of the Billy Goat was over. The Cubs were on top of the world once again.

2017- The Patriots are a dynasty but you already knew that. The Falcons had a chance to do something that only Eli Manning can say he had done up to that point and that was beat Tom Brady in a Super Bowl. Matt Ryan and the Falcons would try and do just that as they would have a 21-3 lead at halftime and then in the 3rd quarter they would cling to the infamous 28-3 lead. What would happen next would change NFL history as the Patriots would score 25 unanswered points and tie the game at 28. The game would head into overtime where Matt Ryan and the Falcons would never get to touch the ball as James White ran in a touchdown on the first drive of overtime and cap off the ultimate comeback. Tom Brady would capture his 5th Super Bowl Title and 4th Super Bowl MVP. This comeback is still talked about today and will always be one of the defining moments in Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s Hall of Fame careers. 

2019- Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers of all time. No one will argue that but the 2010’s weren’t going well for Woods as injuries would hurt his performance. The golfer who had held the number 1 golfer ranking for much of his career and trailed only Jack Nicklaus in majors was going through a rough patch in his career. Back, hip and knee injuries would hurt his play. Woods though would return to his past form in the 2019 Masters- a tournament he had previously won 4 times- where he would capture his first major win in over 10 years. Woods once again was on top of the golf world with this one shot win at Augusta. With the 2020 Masters postponed Woods will have to wait to try and defend his green jacket. 

Sports are filled with memorable moments, some make you cheer and some can make you cry. No matter who you root for or what sports you watch, we can all agree on one thing. Sports bring not only people but communities together. 

Honorable Mentions: Just missed the cut

2012- Michael phelps sets Olympic record for medals

2015- Malcom Butler interception at the goaline to seal the Patriots Super Bowl 49 Title

2016- Kris Jenkins game winning shot for Villanova in the 2016 National Championship Game

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