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Ranking Classic Early 2000s Movies

by Titan Universe
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The early 2000s are well known for bringing us iconic fashion styles, music, TV shows, and movies. 

Some of these things continue to hold their status as fan favorites, even to this day.

When it comes to teen movies, the early 2000s are unmatched in producing films that remain some of the best in their genre. Here is my ranking of some of the most popular teen movies from that time. 

#5- The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Hilary Duff is a 2000s icon for a reason, and this movie proves that she’s deserving of that title. From exploring Rome, getting to live the life of a famous pop star, and finally having a romantic moment with Gordo, this movie is so fun to watch from beginning to end. 

I would watch this movie over and over just for the final performance of What Dreams are Made of. 

I give it the #5 ranking because not only is Paolo a talentless jerk, he was also an adult hitting on a recent 8th grade graduate. 

#4- Mean Girls

Mean Girls remains one of the most quoted films to this day. I couldn’t make a list of 2000s teen movies without including it.

It takes an extremely relatable situation, like trying to fit in as a high school student, and turns it into an entertaining movie with iconic lines, funny characters, and important lessons about friendship. 

#3- John Tucker Must Die

 I love this movie just for the cast alone. It stars Brittany Snow, Sophia Bush, Penn Badgley, and more. 

More than that, it’s a movie about girls choosing to support each other rather than tearing each other apart over a boy.

#2- Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde takes an underdog story and incorporates fashion, romance, and humor with it, making for one of the best teen films of the early 2000s.

Reese Witherspoon’s performance makes Elle Woods a character that you love and root for. She’s a perfect example of someone who is both beauty and brains. 

#1- She’s the Man

Amanda Bynes starred in many well- loved movies from this era, from What a Girl Wants to Sydney White. However, She’s the Man ranks #1 from her movies and in this list. 

Not only do we get to see her character break gender stereotypes, but we also get to see a cute romance form between her and Channing Tatum’s character. 

Additionally, some of the scenes from this film live in my mind rent free (ex. “Do you like cheese?”)

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