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Odd Ways to Beat the Heat

by madisonmeehan
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We all know the typical ways to stay cool during the summer, go to the pool, go to the beach, and eat lots of ice cream, but here are some more ways to stay cool that you might not have thought of.

  1. Get a kiddie pool.

Stick your feet in or better yet, sit in it and enjoy the cool. We all know there are times when the pool is unavailable or you cant make it out to the beach, so when in doubt kiddie pool it out!

2. Freeze your top sheet.

Now this one may seem weird but I swear it works. Stick your sheet in the freezer (the longer the better) and pull it out when you’re ready for bed. The relief doesn’t last for too long but I promise it feels good when you have no other options.

3. Know your bodies best cooling points.

If you have an ice pack or a cold towel some of the best places to use it are: back of the neck, wrists, and forehead. There might be for specific to you so test it out!

4. Put a wet hand towel on the back of your fan.

The air will flow through the wet towel making the air that the fan moves cooler. Bonus points if you freeze the towel for a bit so its extra cold.

5. Buy water balloons.

Okay this one isn’t that odd, but it’s a really fun way to get a break from the sun’s rays. Team up and bombs away, its entertaining and you wont even care how cold the water is.

6. Eat smaller meals.

The more food you intake the more heat your body produces. It’s also best to stick with fruits and other cooler foods instead of burgers or soups.

7. Sleep naked.

It’s natural, so just do it. Unless you live with your grandparents… in that case you can skip this one.

I hope you enjoyed these odd ways to beat the heat, if you have anymore then drop a comment below!

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