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Google Chrome Update | Chrome 92

by madisonmeehan
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On Tuesday, Google released an updated version of Chrome. Since Chrome releases updates every 4 weeks, each version doesn’t have too dramatic changes, but Chrome 92 was made to block phishing more efficiently than ever before. This version is supposed to block attacks 50 times faster and while using less battery power. Google analyzes web pages faster, so it’s less likely that you’ll give your information to sketchy websites.

Another security improvement includes a “safety check,” which tells chrome to scan for malicious browser extensions. You type “run safety check” into your search bar to activate it.

You are also now allowed to open files with web apps on Chrome. Instead of asking which app you want to use to open a file, you can do it within Chrome. This is currently only available for Andriod users.

Chrome is adding a new feature to your browser history called “Memories.” You can access it under a flag on the desktop, and when you enable it, it will give you a new user interface for your history. There is not much information on exactly how this feature works or what it will be used for.

There are a few other minor updates but none quite as big as these. What updates are you looking forward to in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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