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Nina Nesbitt Has Perfected the End-of-Summer Bop With L.A.B

by Titan Universe
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Nina Nesbitt’s newest single, “Life’s a Bitch (L.A.B)” is the perfect amount of nostalgia and bittersweet that encompasses the feeling of saying goodbye to summer. The 27-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter released her latest song on Sept. 24, just a couple of days after fall began. What’s a better way to enter the new season than with an enchanting track that highlights the ups and downs of life? The catchy synth-pop instrumental of the track is reminiscent of those found on classic 80s tracks. In the music video, Nesbitt drives in a car while singing, shaking her hair out and standing up to feel the rush of the wind. Those scenes reminded me of the film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and finding the perfect song to blast while driving through a tunnel to forget your worries and remember what it means to truly feel alive. Although summer is officially over, there are still plenty of late-night drives that “Life’s a Bitch” would be a perfect soundtrack for. As the chorus of the track builds up, rising gradually, it gives the feeling of your breath catching in your throat, only for it to drop at the end and your heart dropping with it as well. Music is powerful without lyrics, but Nesbitt’s chorus “I don’t let it get me down / Life’s like a bitch / I hate her, but I love her,” accompanies the instrumental so well that the listener quite literally experiences the lows and highs that life can bring. Not only does the track appeal to those who love end-of-summer bops, late-night drive songs, or modern-day tracks with 80s-style synth-pop, but it might even appeal to astrology fans. Nesbitt refers to aspects of her own birth chart, regarding one’s true self and emotional side, while singing, “I care too much and not enough / Leo moon and Cancer sun / My astrological placement tells me that I’m so amazing.” Whether you are an astrology fan, looking for the perfect end-of-summer bop, or in search of the next soundtrack for your late-night drives, Nina Nesbitt’s “Life’s a Bitch” is most definitely worth a listen. Life might be unpredictable in the best and worst ways possible, but Nesbitt’s song is an anthem for those who need a reminder that they can push through it all.

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