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Sex Education Season 3 Review

by madisonmeehan
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*Warning: this will contain spoilers.

Season 3 of Netflix’s Sex Education recently premiered, and I’ve already binge-watched all of it. So here’s a little breakdown of my thoughts on season 3.

I have to begin by talking about the romance between Maeve and Otis which has been in the works for 2 seasons. They finally admitted their feelings for one another! I have to say I was starting to annoyed with them because of how long it had been. Otis and Ruby’s relationship seemed to stand in the way. I really didn’t like the way Ruby tried to change Otis at first, but she grew on me when she opened up and they became “official.” The scene when Maeve and Otis were left behind in France had me on the edge of my seat, but I’m glad that Otis told her he loved her and what the voicemail said. But in the end, Netflix left us with the cliffhanger with Maeve leaving for the gifted program in America. Will they try long distance?

Now onto Eric and Adam. I will start by formally stating my love for Adam. The character development is insane and by the end of the season, I disliked Eric and loved Adam. Eric was an idiot for kissing that boy and it made me so mad. And will there be a budding romance between Eric’s ex and Adam? That seems possible based on how things ended. I really loved the poem Adam wrote, it was beautiful and heartbreaking.

Speaking of the Groffs, Michael (Adam’s dad and former headteacher of Mooredale) had some major development himself. I cried when they had the flashback of his a**hole dad and brother hurting him. You really get a good look at what made him the way he is, and you start to feel sorry for him.

I think the show also raises important issues, as with the last seasons. The nonbinary awareness with Cal was great. I loved at the end that they didn’t end up with Jackson, because Jackson really did see them as a girl. In general, it was nice to see something represented but not in a cringey way. It felt very authentic, and very high school.

Here are my short final thoughts:

Hope was a bitch. (Public humiliation as punishment, really??)

Jakob is a DILF.

Jean is a queen, but who’s baby is it??

That’s all from me, leave a comment below with your thoughts for the season!

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