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Albums and Artists to Listen to for Pride Month

by Liam Conway
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I am here and queer and ready to tell you some music to listen to that supports LGBTQ+ artists for this Pride Month!

Rina Sawayama is the first one that comes to my mind. Her album, “Sawayama,” is so well done with different types of hype music and sad slow songs that speak to the queer feel. She has been very open about her being pansexual, making her such a perfect artist to listen to for pride month: “Who’s Gonna Save U Now” to hype you up, or “Chosen Family” to get into your feels.

Gets me in my feels thinking of all my queer friends

The next artist is the one, the only TYLER THE CREATOR! His more recent albums talk more about his romantic life, especially “IGOR.” This has a great mixture of songs to feel yourself and get ready for the summer or parties, like “I THINK.” while there are others to make you cry when you realize you’re all alone and feel represented in songs like “I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE.” Of course, “Flower Boy,” is full of nice summer vibe songs if you need them!

Makes me wanna do a Lil’ dancey dance!
Then this one makes me wanna cry and reflect on failed relationships.

The next artist always gets me excited because I grew up watching them, it’s Hayley Kiyoko! She was Stella in “Lemonade Mouth,” and has been making some pretty great music. Some of her stand-out songs for me are “What I Need (Ft. Kehlani)” and “Found my Friends.” Her discography is very easy to put on and vibe to while driving to the beach or something.

This song never fails to make me feel good.
This feeds my Main Character Syndrome

Following Hayley Kiyoko is another nostalgia trip that has still been making music: Greyson Chance! Got some popularity when he was younger from Ellen and got some record labels and such, but he has two newer albums that fully embrace his sexual orientation. “Portraits” was one of my top listened-to albums in 2019 and still holds up to this day for me. This album is mostly about a breakup, with amazing songs like “white roses,” but does not shy away from having happier types of songs, like “black on black.” His follow-up album, “Trophies,” has a similar vibe. With amazing singles and two solid albums, Greyson Chance is for sure one to listen to this month.

This song still gets me flustered, to be honest…
I belt this song whenever I need to get over someone.

The last artist I fully wanna cover is the iconic Janelle Monae! Although I still don’t forgive everyone for sleeping on the amazing “Dirty Computer” album, I guess I shall tell you why you need to listen to it. Songs like “Screwed” are amazing for relaxing with a group of friends. The album also has some songs that are fun to perform and make the entire function about you (something I do and do flawlessly), such as “Make me Feel.” Other songs, like “Django Jane” allow the listener to get to understand Monae’s past and why they are so passionate about representing the marginalized groups they are a part of.

This song is a bit long, but it’s so good!
Wanna lip-sync a song? Here’s a go to!
Everything about this song is amazing!

There are even MORE artists you can listen to that I didn’t mention. From Omarr Apollo, Lady Gaga, SOPHIE, Girl in Red, King Princess, Mad Tsai, Conan Gray, Halsey, etc. etc. Make sure to support LGBTQ+ artists this Pride Month!

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