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5 Underrated Shows to Watch from Your Favorite Genres

by Titan Universe
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Whether you’re bored during winter break or trying to destress once the semester starts, having a good show to watch is always a nice way to relax. If you feel like you’ve seen all the popular shows and are looking for your next binge, here are some underrated shows from different genres that deserve more hype.

Romance/ Family Drama

If you’re looking for a more serious show with drama, romance, some humor, and many emotional moments, A Million Little Things is the show for you. It follows the lives of 3 adult best friends and their families as they try to navigate a recent devastating event along with life’s challenges concerning relationships, careers, etc. It’s a show that will captivate you with both its heartwarming and heart wrenching moments. It will get you rooting for the characters; becoming so invested, that you’ll find yourself crying and laughing along with them. 

Medical Drama

If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, and you’re looking for something similar, The Resident should be next on your list. It follows the life of the main character Conrad, a resident at a famous hospital in Atlanta. Although this show deals with classic medical drama tropes such as life/ death situations and workplace relationships, it also highlights the issues that come with corrupt businessmen who care more about money than saving people’s lives. This show will have you on the side of Conrad and his friends as they try to do what’s right, even if it can get them into trouble.


Amazon Prime recently released a 10 episode season of a new mystery drama called The Wilds. It centers around 8 girls from various backgrounds who get stranded on an island. They have to overcome their differences in order to work together and survive. It’s not your typical mystery in the sense that you’re trying to figure out who the murderer is, but it will certainly leave you wondering who you can trust and questioning what is truly happening. The mysterious element keeps you watching episode after episode until you eventually reach the finale, which may leave you with more questions that are waiting to be answered when the 2nd season comes out. 


If you prefer a more fast paced show with lots of action, Timeless will be perfect for you. It’s about these three characters who are recruited to go back in time to significant historical events in order to keep a corrupt villain from changing history in a way that would catastrophically destroy the present. It deals with the question of whether or not you should change the past for the better, even if it meant risking the present. The show is especially great if you’re into science and historical fiction. 


NBC is famous for their iconic sitcoms such as Friends, The Office, and Parks and Rec. However, they are also the masterminds behind one of my all time favorite sitcoms, The Good Place. It’s one that a lot of people may have heard of, but not enough people have watched. The first season follows the story of Eleanor Shellstrop, a woman who believes she was sent to the Good Place on accident following her death. That description may sound dark, but this show is full of lighthearted and hilarious moments. The relationships the characters form with each other are a big part of the heart of the show, and it teaches you lessons about what it truly means to be a good person. 

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