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Liam’s Pick of the Week | Ivory

by Liam Conway
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Omar Apollo’s “Ivory” will make you feel like the main character going through a breakup.

Another week, another album of Liam reviewing a sad romance album! In all seriousness, Omar Apollo just came out with Ivory. This 16-song album perfectly resembles Apollo as an artist. There is a blend of Spanish and English to represent his background. The album starts with “Ivory,” a quick interlude that introduces the main theme of the album, a love that was secretive and ended without Omar getting full closure. A lot of songs have Omar reminiscing on the relationship.

“Go Away,” a song that was a single, talks about Omar’s relationship and how they keep departing. He wants that love to be frequent but feels bad pressuring them. It literally makes me relate way too much.

A nice little sampler of “Go Away”

Especially a song after “Petrified,” where he says that he still thinks about this guy that he still thinks about and their time together. Omar Apollo was open about his relationship with men in this album, which is very refreshing to see. These songs with know they’re about a guy that is afraid to commit with Omar really wanting that connection with them hits way too hard, especially for queer men with partners that are not fully secure with themselves. It just hits so close to home. Wanting someone and them not wanting to continue. You have to accept those feelings they have, but it still hurts and you wanted to reassure them it would be worth it, but you can’t change their mind.

A little bit from my favorite song of the album, “Petrified”

Wow ok, that got deep. Anywayyys, there is a break from the sad beats with “Tamagotchi,” another single. It blends Spanish and English in it. But, it still fits with the theme.

a snippet of “Tamagotchi”

Overall, this is another amazing slow album to contemplate failed relationships that inspire my sad story ideas. Give it a listen if you wanna get this amazing feeling of thinking about wanting to reconnect with someone but knowing you just gotta move on and use those emotions to fuel something you need to do, then this is the album for you.

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