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Modern Family Review

by madisonmeehan
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I’m very late to the game, but I recently finished Modern Family and I wanted to share my thoughts.

Modern Family is an accurate description of what American modern families can look like. The diversity in the show is reflective of the American population; which is a melting pot of different cultural, religious, racial, and sexual backgrounds.

Starting off with the least diverse families, the Dunphy’s. I loved the balance between Phil and Claire’s relationship, and I loved that each kid had their own identity. Phil was easily the best Dunphy, though I loved that Alex was the only “smart one.” They all had really great chemistry together and showed the chaos of an average white family.

Next are Mitch and Cam. I loved seeing their relationship grow and I loved the jokes about gay stereotypes, which is ironic because Cam is a gay stereotype. I also loved that they made Cam coach football, which is a masculine sport. Cam has feminine energy and they didn’t let that interfere with his career; they did, however, bring to light that his career came with struggles as a gay man. Mitch was a good character but honestly, there isn’t much to say about him. Lily was rude as a child and kind of annoying at points, but her character got better as she got older. I wish they had brought in more struggles with assumptions of adoption.

Lastly are the Prichett’s, Gloria, Jay, and Manny. They portrayed so many dynamics within their family; age gaps, interracial couples, stepfather role, and differences money can make. Each was portrayed wonderfully, and I assume gave people new perspectives about relationships similar to this one. I love that they didn’t make Gloria a gold digger stereotype. I also love that they talked about her feeling out of touch with her culture. The relationship between Jay and Gloria worked because they were both stubborn, passionate, and fiery. Jay’s relationship evolution with Manny was also adorable.

All in all this show was hilarious. It had great moments (some even a little controversial), and it showed the chaos of all families. I watched the documentary episode afterward and the writers said that a lot of the things written in the show were stuff that really happened to them and their families and that just makes it all the more authentic.

What did you think of Modern Family?

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