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Drag Race: All-Stars 7

by Liam Conway
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The All-Winners season was just announced and I have my favorites!

Well, Season 14 of Drag race has been going on for a little bit, but we finally got to see the heavily rumored all-winners season confirmed and being aired on May 20th!

The cast is incredible! Shea Coulee (All-Stars 5 Winner), Jaida Essence Hall (Season 12 Winner), Yvie Oddly (Season 11 Winner), Trinity the Tuck (All-Stars 4 Winner), Monet X Change (All-Stars 4 Winner), Jinx Monsoon (Season 5 Winner), Raja (Season 3 Winner), The Vivienne (Uk Season 1 Winner) are all returning to compete and show why they are the best winner. I don’t believe they are going to eliminate any of the queens because it would be a little messed up to be a winner that gets sent home, you know?

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars': All-Winner Cast Set for Season 7 - Variety
(From left to right) Yvie Oddly, Jinx Monsoon, Shea Coulee, Raja, Trinity the Tuck, Jaida Essence Hall, Monet X Change, The Vivienne

From this cast, I am for sure going to be rooting for Monet X Change and Jaida Essence Hall the most, but there are so many talented queens that it’s hard to not root for all of them. Monet is probably one of my favorite queens to come from the show in general, and I cannot wait to see her excel even more with comedy and performances. Jaida Essence Hall has a special place in my heart because season 12 was the first season I watched live, and I was blessed by seeing her kill every single type of challenge, except the story-telling challenge, but that wasn’t on her to be honest. All I know is I’m going to change my work availability so I can watch this live because I am so excited.

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