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Playstation 5 Updates, Lack of Holiday Luck

by Titan Universe
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When Sony gave Walmart the green light to go live with the preorder sales for the Playstation 5 console, other retailers such as Target, Best Buy and GameStop asked for permission and it became a complete mess from their on.

Their respective websites crashed within minutes as their was a high amount of people trying to get their hands on the coveted PS5.

I tried my luck in two physical GameStop locations but to no avail.

After the initial release date on November 12, there was a restock of Playstation 5s during the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend but they were wiped out as quick as the first time around.

In fact, Walmart sold out online within two minutes of restocking the console.

Now, we are all wondering when will be the next wave of restocks. Sony released a statement last week saying:

The one question that remains is will they be restocked in time for the Christmas holiday.

After the Cyber Monday weekend, there has been no indication of an exact date or week the PS5 will be back in stock.

Although, the unexpected date and time of the console being restocked works out the best for us consumers.

As we have seen, scalpers are reselling the consoles for prices almost or more than double starting at $900.

So the best for now is to maybe build a connection with a Gamestop employee who might have information on the next wave or just be patient and keep testing your luck.

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