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Overcoming the Fear of Driving

by Titan Universe
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This article is for all my fellow people who suffer from anxiety and fear of driving. Many people don’t talk about this topic, but it’s a real thing. It’s an unexplainable feeling that rushes through you with the thought of driving. You want to drive, you want a sense of independence and freedom, but yet you always circle back to an intense fear of being behind the wheel. This fear is known as amaxophobia, and like you, many others deal with the same thing. Speaking from personal experience, I sometimes feel like the odd one out or occasionally feel embarrassed because I don’t drive. I see other people my age and even younger driving everywhere they please, and I can’t help but feel like I am missing out on something. If you have a driving phobia, you probably think the same way.  I’m not entirely sure, and I won’t speak for everyone. However, driving can be a very nerve-racking experience if you have never done so.

No matter what your reason for fearing driving is, don’t feel bad, don’t feel embarrassed. But there does come a time where we have to overcome this fear. Because if you’re like me, you know it affects a lot of aspects of your life. We can do this! Overcoming any fear takes the proposition of telling yourself that you are going to overcome it. Be bigger than your fear. Imagine fear being a tiny little ant and imagine yourself being a giant that stomps on it and forgets it was ever even there! The road awaits!

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